A Twitter Chat Experiment

As you can see our #FLedChat site has not had much attention in 2017. We are hoping to change that for 2018. Hence this experiment.

For the upcoming chat, I am posting a Question Development Document (QDD) to be transparent in the types of questions participants may encounter during the scheduled chat. It is really just a list of the types of questions I may use when I moderate this week. It was designed to provide participants an opportunity to think in advance about the chat topic.

I am very much against scheduled responses that allow participants to post a response but not actually engage in the conversation. We can do that on a padlet or a variety of other edtech platforms. However, I have also heard from many that they prefer to have the questions in advance so they can prepare their answers. In this world where online commentary can be scrutinized to the nth degree, I can completely understand this. There will be no times posted for the individual questions. In fact, I have no idea yet which questions I will actually use. That is always up to the participants and the direction they take the topic. We may go in a direction I never considered, making the QDD unnecessary.

I hope this QDD will be a fair and reasonable middle ground for all involved. I also hope you give it a look, provide some feedback and support our desire to make #FLedChat better and more open to everyone.

What Do Grades Really Mean_.png

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